Boiler Room Assessment


We have a range of solutions suited to boiler rooms - from a full assessment, to smart controls and valve jackets - each helping to identify and implement measures to reduce fuel costs and increase overall system efficiency

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Valve Jackets

Installing insulation jackets to each un-insulated valve in your boiler room can lower energy costs and reduce carbon. Each jacket is individually manufactured and tailored to ensure they at least meet or exceed current building regulations. 

Each un-insulated valve is wasting fuel, so installing insulation jackets will reduce this. 

Key Features

  • Lower energy costs

  • Installation is quick and non-invasive

  • Full project management of the installation

  • Jackets should last the life-time of the plant

  • Routine checks to ensure quality control


Boiler Optimisation

Smart Controls provide a reduction to your boiler’s fuel consumption by making small reductions to its operating temperature. This is done with almost no noticeable impact on comfort.


The controls will ensure your boiler works at optimum efficiency, and provide real-time information for an accurate firing cycle.

Key Features

  • Compatible with most boiler systems

  • No maintenance required once installed

  • Installation is quick and non-intrusive

  • Full project management of the installation

  • Energy savings shown on an easy-to-read display

Boiler Room Assessment

Through the assessment we identify which measures could be put in place to reduce fuel costs and increase system efficiency. Designed with older boiler rooms or those which are likely to have an upgrade in the near future in mind, we’ll provide a full report of recommendations to meet your specific requirements, and the appropriate options to fulfil them.


We assess aspects such as the boiler’s performance, current controls and the typical properties within the building and boiler room, to provide an initial survey. Thanks to our industry expertise, we provide a review of options that help to both improve system efficiency and reduce fuel wastage.

Key Features

  • Full report and survey of performance

  • Review of options and recommendations

  • Full project management of the installation

  • Ideal for older boiler rooms