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Our experienced staff are expert at delivery and management of a fully financed energy and guaranteed cost saving process.

We offer a range of payback periods depending on the solution that you need - just call us to discuss.

Contact us today to find out more, or for a free no-obligation quote:
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Financing ESCO.

ESOS-Energy provides a full initial examination and report assessing the way your building currently uses energy - then looking at ways to potentially increase the energy efficiency, we calculate the financial savings through any implemented solutions. 


Solutions are installed with no up-front cost required by you, as our payment is recouped from the savings we generate for you.


If you'd like to discuss how we can help you save energy and money - we'd love to hear from you and potentially help.


Call us on: 01179 309 689

ESCO with ESOS-Energy.


For an ESCO we present a comprehensive plan to maximize energy savings with project management and financing.  ESOS-Energy engineer and design the project which can include multiple energy savings solutions and often include the following phases:


  • Investment Grade Audit

  • Engineer projects of appropriate size and scope

  • Arrange project financing and assist the organization in understanding the available financing options

  • Procure and install the equipment

  • Monitor and verify energy savings for as long as the customer wishes often the entire contract term

  • Provide, if requested, ongoing operations and maintenance savings

  • Prepare reports for the customer detailing energy savings and a reconciliation plan if energy savings were to fall below projections



Project contract terms typically range between seven and twenty years depending on the types of measures installed.  The main differentiator between ESCOs and other energy efficiency contracts is the guarantee of energy savings which is specified as part of the terms of an energy savings performance contract (ESPC). 

An All-inclusive approach to ESCO.

Providing an 'all-in' ESCO model, ESOS-Energy is able look at how much energy your building uses and its performance to calculate financial savings once we've implemented solutions to maximise energy efficiency.


You won't need any capital investment, as ESOS-Energy provides this to fund the ESCO contract, and easily recovers the investment made over a period of time which is agreed upfront (known as the payback period). 

Initial report


ESOS-Energy will conduct a detailed examination of your building, to assess it's current energy use and daily functions. We look to see which solutions could be implemented.



Once we know which solutions will be put in place, we provide a full calculation of costs, savings and payback periods to assess how feasible the project will be.

Finance Contract


If feasible we put together a contract, which will confirm the agreed finance package. As the package is all-inclusive, we also incude a comprehensive risk assessment.



Through our project management, our team will oversee and arrange the installation of the agreed energy saving solutions at every step of the way.

On-going reporting


We ensure that things are working as they should be - so we follow up by on-going monitoring and reporting.

We follow these simple steps:

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