ISO 50001


ESOS-Energy provides ISO 50001, helping organisations to address and measure energy consumption. 

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ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001?

It’s a voluntary International standard providing organisations with a framework which will manage and improve energy performance. This framework allows the organisation to set and persue its own goals for improving performance.


The energy management system involves a series of processes which will enable various individuals in an organisation use data to improve energy performance and operational efficiencies whilst also reducing environmental impacts. 

ISO 50001 is a proven framework for both commercial and industrial facilties as well as entire organisations, helping to manage all aspects of energy use and procurement. The structure and discipline that this establishes allows technical and management strategies to be implemented, helping to cut energy costs as well as greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps to sustain those savings over time.

Key Features

  • Energy management can be integrated into normal business processes

  • Allows you to set your own energy saving goals

  • ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised framework

  • Fits with existing energy management systems such as 9001 and 14001



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