Using metering to monitor your energy use allows you to identify key areas of energy and water consumption, giving a better understanding of potential issues and corrective measures.

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Installing meters in your building provides extremely valuable and accurate information about how/where your energy is consumed . By measuring the way your building currently uses energy, it allows us to identify how key areas could be improved to reduce energy consumption. Once energy efficient measures are implemented you can then see the reduction in energy consumption through the display on the meter, which also aids user awareness of energy use.


Meters and Sub-meters can be installed to monitor individual aspects of your building, or to give an overall analysis.  For example, you can analyse overall energy use from gas, electricity or water, or look at key areas of your building such at Kitchen, Restaurant, Swimming Pool etc. 

Not only does metering allow you to monitor your energy consumption for your own purposes, but can be used in commercial opportunities with Billing and Recharging for Tenant Billing, Sub-let Billing and facilities management. Metering and Reviewing the data, and measuring the energy and water consumption in your building gives you a better understand of which key measures could be implemented  therefore motivating operational improvements and allowing technical insights.


Using Metering can also improve and benefit industry who have to comply with government legislation like Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). It will help with tracking performance, make it easier for reporting and allow benchmarking.


Key Features

  • Accurate measuring of energy consumption

  • Full project management of installation

  • Can monitor a full range of energy usage

  • Facilities, carbon and energy management

  • Detects faults and leaks

  • Helps with compliance and energy management

  • Process Control

  • Allows you to understand your energy usage

  • If used correctly will create massive cost savings


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