The ultimate aim of this process is for:
  • Reduced energy and operation costs

  • Reduced impact on the environment

  • Consistent comfort levels in the workplace

  • Increased reliability and efficiency of building technology systems

  • Extended life span of technical facilities

  • Protected investment

Buildings Energy Performance Optimisation


Generally, through a consultancy day, the settings on energy appliance controls can be optimised to save considerable costs and energy usage. This low cost method of significantly reducing energy consumption is best done through regular technician visits, which can be arranged on an ongoing basis where necessary. Our consultants usually carry out a 6 monthly visit to ensure the settings are correct, to ensure understanding of the clients’ needs if they have developed, and ensure ongoing monitoring.


Our process is to start with a meeting to understand your business and building usage. We will then assess boilers, heaters, Air Handling Units, fan coils, etc to see how they are programmed to fit with the usage. In simplest terms if a setting is found to be too high it can then be lowered or alternatively energy generation can be more micro focussed to periods as it is required.


There are energy control systems available for more complex requirements. Our consultancy process can assist in choosing the right system for your buildings systems.


Step 1


We analyse the way your building(s) operate(s) to see how you currently use energy. This is done with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Step 2


From the data we gather in step 1, we will review the findings. This allows us to look at which areas of your building use the most energy, and what your energy use is during peak and non-peak times to see where we can help optimise the way your building uses energy.

Step 3


We will report to you with a plan of recommendations to help save energy and money. We will work to your specific requirements and plan how to optimise your building to maxmimum efficiency.

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