Options Appraisal


ESOS-Energy provide a holistic approach to your energy use. Reviewing energy use and conservation, we looks at alternative energy generation measures and reduction for your buildings.

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Options Appraisal

ESOS-Energy can provide a no-obligation survey to assess your building for any suitable measures which could be implemented to reduce energy costs and maximise efficiency. We’ll conduct a site visit, which will allow us to provide an assessment of energy consumption. Our experts will then compare from a selection of different options, which measures could be implemented, taking into account our agreed criteria.

You’ll be provided with a complete and thorough analysis of the potential savings and the cost involved. Taking a flexible approach allows us to look at any appropriate requirements and alter any emphasis as needed. We provide a full cost benefits appraisal and consider all funding stream.

Key Features

  • Independent advice

  • Options can be ranked and prioritised

  • Detailed analysis


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