Commercial Properties


With both new and retrofit solutions available, we can work with and finance mainstream and innovative energy solutions across all economic commercial sectors in the UK and Europe. Projects can be delivered as is suitable to your organisations size often using the latest renewable technologies. We can deliver with CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Feed in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Social Housing


With guaranteed energy reduction benchmarks and financial savings we work with social landlords and housing associations to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock. Our team have handled large national house efficiency projects and reduced fuel poverty for thousands of tenants. We can advise on ECO funding and on the government's Green Deal Scheme.



Characterised by high energy costs, our consultants can advise in this sector of significant energy savings, including for end clients. Savings can be identified both during the pre and the construction phases of any project, which should self finance, as well as for post construction savings.



Our team have carried our consultancy and energy saving projects for a wide range of UK schools and education establishments. With non-disruptive timing and considerations we would be very happy to discuss your requirements. On-site energy generation and water efficiency are available as well as a range of retro-fit money saving programmes.



Subject to site survey and audit we can help clients meet their energy savings targets as well as recommend on-site energy generation and rainwater harvesting. The efficiencies can be guaranteed under our financing arrangements with energy performance contracts put into place.

Public Sector


Working for and in partnership with local authorities and Government organisations we can advise on the Green Deal Scheme and funding. We can offer a start to finish project delivery on your energy savings requirement including long term funding on building and housing stock through our ESCO process.