Sustainable actions

There are endless opportunities for everyone to prove they care about the environment. Some options might seem too difficult or require investment, but others can be basic and highly effective. For example make sure you Recycle all your office waste:

Regardless of the size of your company, recycling is a basic step as almost all waste around us can be included from, paper to cans and from plastics to cardboard. Why not challenge your company directors to simply buy some recycling bins from your normal stationery supplier?

What are the benefits or recycling your waste?

  • Saves energy: it requires less energy to recycle than produce raw materials.

  • Save money: you can make profit out of your recycled waste. With a little search you can find companies who willing to pay for your recycled waste.

  • Good for the environment: during the process of recycling, we use fewer natural resources than the production of new raw materials.

  • Protect nature: by using recycled product you can reduce the range of water pollution and the damaging of forest and natural habitats that are essential for our wildlife.

  • Creates demand: purchasing recycled products generates demand for more recycled products, which in turn creates more jobs, boosting the economy.

If you are asking why you should bother with this just think about future generations, landfill or simply just to save money.

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