ESOS- the most common word in the energy industry in 2015

You might sit behind your desk and think 5th December is 6 month away and there is no need to rush with your ESOS compliance. You still have half a year to complete your ESOS compliance, but whilst you putting the EA letter at the bottom of your draw we suggest to keep in mind:

There are 10,000 companies who need to comply with ESOS and there are only 600 Lead Assessors who can sign off your compliance. Compliance is not a two week project and time is filling up fast with active lead assessors.

You need to measure 100% of your energy usage. This seems easy, but think about how long it would take for you to provide 12 month’s information about you gas, electricity and transport data to a Lead Assessor, for every building and operation.

Use ESOS as a great opportunity to look at overall energy use and start making changes of bottom line costs.

When you are ready to choose your ESOS provider, it is wise to consider the following:

Find someone with relevant industry experience: ESOS-Energy has experience in all industries, putting you in the best hands for all energy matters related and unrelated to ESOS

Make sure your company knowledge is considered: Share all the information with us and get the most relevant and practicable recommendations possible. ESOS compliance should be carried out to benefit you.

Consider the overall approach of your ESOS compliance: ESOS-Energy will not only tick the ESOS compliance box for you, but will also help implement recommendations to start reducing your energy costs.

You supposed to save costs: There is a huge discrepancy in costs for ESOS audits due to the limited number of Lead Assessors, our expertise will ensure easy compliance without inflated costs and deliver the best value service to our clients.

The longer you wait with your compliance the bigger the chance you will miss the deadline and face penalties. Experienced Lead Assessors are already booked for the next couple months. To make sure you comply you need to assign a Lead Assessor now to make sure they can book you in for August.

If you are ready to act ask for a free quote or call us: 01179 309 689

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