ESOS Energy Buzzing with the Local Community

Our big plan for 2015, besides helping our clients to save money and energy, is to prove to them that we are also taking steps to look after our environment.

Corporate social responsibility is a big issue and we are willing to go the extra mile to help others and make a worthwhile contribution to our local community. We are a huge fan of our local market and we love the food at our local restaurant and deli, Source! They are also in the process of highlighting the importance of bees in an urban environment.

We love the buzz (and honey) which is why we are sponsoring their guided walks and honey tasting events throughout this year. All their events, led by a bee keeper and a forager, include a walk to the hives and around Castle Park, where the participants can learn about the bees’ activities and see different flowers and trees from which the bees produce their honey.

Bees are in danger of disappearing from our environment and most wild honey bee colonies have died out. Bees pollinate the flowers of many plants which become part of the feed of farm animals. A colony of bees is a superorganism. All the bees have to work together for the colony to survive, no one bee can survive by itself.

We believe bees are great example of how local businesses need to share responsibility to protect our environment. We are a proud member of the Go Green Businesses and we are proud to work with those who share our cultural values.

“Another massive thank you to @EsosEnergy for the 2nd part of the forage walk funding. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday”

If you would like to get more information about the event please visit:

Photos by Neil James (@NeilJamesB)

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