Cutting energy costs – the easy way

One of the simplest methods to reduce costs in any organisation is better energy management. Using best practice methodology, we have developed a general energy checklist that has helped organisations save £1,000,000s over the years.

Our energy saving solutions are focused on, energy waste minimisation, process improvements, reduced energy and utility costs, and reduced carbon footprint.

The following checklist will allow you to find energy saving solutions without any further costs:


Is lighting switched on in unoccupied areas?

Are lights on when daylight is sufficient?

Is external lighting necessary during the day?

Are light switches labelled/lighting zones identified?

Are cleaners switching off lights once they have cleaned an area?

Have you got any light sensors? Are they timed correctly?

Office equipment

Are energy saving features on computers and other equipment activated (including photocopiers)?

Is your non-essential equipment switched off overnight and at weekends?

Can screens and other equipment be switched off during the day (e.g. during lunch)?

Are your kitchen appliances switched on all the time (e.g. kettle)?

Failed or failing equipment to be checked/reported?


Does the temperature vary much during the day?

Do your employees complain it is too hot or too cold?

Are thermostatic radiator valves set correctly? Do they work?

Are radiators blocked by boxes/furniture restricting air circulation?

Are mobile electric heaters in use?

If there are permanent electric heaters with individual temperature and time control, are they set correctly?

Are external doors and windows closed when heating is on?

Air Condition

Are local air conditioning controls set to the right temperature?

Is air conditioning running at the same time as heating?

Is it possible to reduce heat loads by closing blinds to reduce solar gain and switch off unnecessary lights and electrical equipment?

Are external doors and windows closed when air conditioning is on?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and don’t forget, if you cannot measure, you cannot control.

If you have identified any energy saving do not hesitate to implement it to reduce your costs.

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