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August 25, 2015

I would love to think that another ESOS post cannot be accurate anymore but the majority of organisations still haven’t complied with the legislation.


I don’t want to protect those organisations who haven’t complied with the legislation yet, although following conversations about ESOS, I am not surprised that there is a huge misunderstanding about it.



I find it very misleading when professional energy managers are saying:

‘Anybody can do the audit with basic science knowledge or after a one day course.’

‘Organisations can be compliant in 3 weeks.’

‘Transport will fall into the 10% De Minimis’


Working on several organisations’ compliance at the same time I am confident to say:

Anybody can identify energy saving solutions with a simple walk around checklist, but this is only enough for basic energy and money saving purposes and does not make you compliant with a legislation.


The actual work takes about 3 weeks, but collating 100% of data, scheduling site surveys, writing reports will take a lot longer. It is 4 month until the deadline and Certified Energy Managers are pre-booked for 2 weeks in advance.


Before you can identify what will fall into the 10% you need to collate and analyse 100% of the information. It is very dangerous leaving out certain parts of the fuel consumption without making sure that you don’t consume more energy than you think.


This is only a few examples about general confusion, I am just hoping that decision makers can read between the lines and will not waste time and money to find 'no-brainer' opportunities.


If ESOS is all about the second phase and solutions than I think it requires professional knowledge and industry experience.


If you are confused or decided to do it in a professional manner do not hesitate to contact us.

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