ESOS Energy- a small business with big steps for the environment

Our big plans, besides helping our clients to save energy and money at the same time, is to show them that we are taking steps to look after our environment. We are a proud Prove it member of Bristol Go Green Businesses, because we like to work with those who share our cultural values.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods. We encourage our clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

At ESOS Energy, we think that sustainability is vital for our success. We are not only focusing on our clients, but we aspire to create a safe and fun workplace for our team as well. Our people are at the heart of what we do, that’s why we are always looking for solutions to support them.

Adrian Newton, our Sales Director, believes that everything starts with individual behaviour changes. We focus on creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. We have purchased fun looking, colourful recycling bins in our office to encourage them to recycle their waste. We receive healthy fresh fruit boxes twice a week to provide them a healthy option for snacks on their breaks. Fridays are doughnut days in the office, when we treat ourselves with delicious Pippin doughnuts from the local market. He says- “Being a business in the heart of the European Green Capital 2015; have driven, motivated and inspired us to make a difference, which in turns drive our ideas and values forward. I believe if people get used to the sustainable habits at work they will focus on their environmental impacts everywhere else.”

We also practice social responsibility by helping our local community, through a range of activities, including volunteer programs and fundraising events. Our Managing Director, David Greene is actively helping in administration of out of school childcare programmes, Adrian Newton took part in setting up a Wold Record- Longest Field Hockey Game- while raising £11,000 for Cots for Tots Bristol based charity. Also as a huge fan of the local restaurant and deli, Source, we have funded their honey tasting events and forage walks throughout this year.

Energy and efficiency is crucial for our business. We don’t only talk about energy saving, we set up our computers to ‘go sleep’ when they are not in use and they are switched off when we leave the office. Our office lighting zones are set up to switch off if nobody uses the area. We use virtual servers, which reduce the need for climate controlled server rooms as well as our energy consumption and monetary spend. Most of the office equipment have great energy ratings and we have recently purchased a water cooler to replace the kettle and stop wasting water.

Our business procedures are switched on for an energy and carbon saving mode too. We have invested in a fast broadband and set up teleconferencing equipment to reduce business travels. Whenever clients wish to meet us, business travels are being organised with in-house car sharing or we just hop on a train to get to our clients. We like to make sure that we promote ourselves in an environment friendly way by using recycled paper for our flyers.

What else can we do for our planet as a small business?

Probably a lot more, that’s why we have an Open Door Policy to motivate the team to share their ideas about energy saving. Unfortunately alone we cannot change the world but encouraging our employees and business partners to take steps for energy saving, can increase our positive impact.

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