Using finance to facilitate an ESOS energy saving project

As we approach the ESOS compliance deadline of 5th December 2015, we are pleased to be experiencing an increased drive towards adhering to that date. Although an ESOS audit is mandatory for more than 14,000 UK organisations, acting on the energy saving recommendations remains voluntary and unfortunately, according to previous surveys, 65% of viable energy efficiency recommendations go unimplemented. We do now believe that energy saving programs are achievable for everyone with the judicious use of Finance, and there can be no excuse to delay.

ESOS Energy is working with two Finance companies to assist Clients in carrying out their ESOS money saving energy projects. The financial support helps implement the energy saving solutions and can be paid back from the cash flow savings of the project.

The advantages of using finance:

  • Facilitate energy saving projects and Company’s mandatory and social requirement

  • Balancing the repayments with the annual energy cash flow savings

  • Cash balances are usually unaffected

  • Tax relief savings on asset purchase and interest payment

  • Downstream financial profits upon completion of Finance payback

Improving lighting, heating or industrial processes have multiple benefits outside of just pure financial savings, from better working conditions through market competitiveness and operational longevity by applying better energy technology.

If you have received any recommendations that you find beneficial in the months ahead, please call us for a quote on your project and we can discuss how we can help you save money at the same time. Please get in touch 01179 309 689.

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