Planting the seeds of success

We at ESOS-Energy are always considering new ways to improve our office whilst maintaining our environmentally-friendly ethos. Our Go Green ‘Prove it’ membership has inspired our latest exciting idea – bring a plant to work! This scheme encourages everyone in the office to bring a potted plant into work to be placed on their desk. We believe this scheme will promote the sustainable values that are so fundamentally important to us as a company.

It’s no secret that greenery is beneficial to the environment that we live, drawing out toxic CO2 and providing us with clean oxygen to breathe; it’s no different in the office. The plants on our desks will improve air quality – thus resulting in a healthier workforce. Studies have observed a significant reduction in stress and anxiety where plants were introduced into the office – this may be due to the calm working atmosphere that they produce. A decrease in stress can have many positive physiological effects, such as lowered blood pressure. Therefore, the plants will contribute to the maintenance of healthy and happy staff. Our green scheme is also a sure fire way to increase productivity. Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University concluded that employees were 15% more productive when there are plants in their working environment, as employees who ‘actively engage with their surroundings are better workers’. We aim to closely monitor the effects on our staff by requesting feedback after the scheme has come into full swing, in order to highlight in which way the plants have benefitted us most.

In order to get everyone on board we have proposed a competition for the ‘best kept plant’ – with the winner to be awarded at Christmas time. We believe that this competitive element will aid in keeping our staff engaged in the scheme and may motivate good ecological habits that can be practised outside the workplace.

So, take a leaf out of ESOS-Energy’s book – bring a plant to work and get going with your growing!

And....We are very happy with the result!

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