ESOS Energy Goes Green!

ESOS Energy goes green!

We are pledging to reduce our impact on the environment. The wider aims is to reduce the effects of climate change and ensure that Global Mean Surface Temperature increases are limited. To do so we have linked our pledges with the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Reduce our use of air conditioning, targeting Sustainable Development Goal 11:

We are aiming for a complete shutdown of the office air conditioning! This will reduce our office energy consumption and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

Initiating computer hibernation mode and encouraging users to turn off all computers at the end of the day, supporting Sustainable Development Goal 12:

We would like all our colleagues to adjust their computer settings, so sleep begins after 10 minutes and monitors lock after 5 minutes. This will enable energy savings to be made when were away from our desks, during meetings, on lunch or even whilst we take extra-long to make that well deserved cuppa!

Office plants to support Sustainable Development Goal 13:

We will be encouraging our colleagues to bring in an office plant. This allows us to improve the office environment, whilst increasing CO2 absorption, further increasing our companies positive impact on the environment.

Reducing the office waste to landfill, supporting Sustainable Development Goal 15:

We have installed a food waste collection bin. Bristol City Council sends food waste to an Anaerobic Digestion plant in Avonmouth which transforms the food waste into biogas and nutrient rich fertiliser. The biogas can be used to fuel transport or supply Bristol homes.

Did you know: in 2014 around 9,000 tonnes of food waste was collected for composting from Bristol households. This is the equivalent of 2.7 GW


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