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                    and Energy Management Services

ESOS has been offering energy efficiency solutions to its customers since 2014.


Over the years our customers have asked for our support with their utilities. Until now we were not in a position to offer this opportunity to our customers. We now have an internal expert with over 13 years of experience in the industry to support our customers with their utility management services.


During the energy crisis in 2022, with gas and electricity prices reaching record peaks, we saw a need more than ever to support our customers and offer a solution they could value and trust. With customers seeing over 400% increases in 2022 for their renewals, we want to help make a difference and ensure that our services and products can provide the reassurance our customers need for their utilities.


We aim to continue to offer the same energy efficiency solutions we offer but in addition offer in-house energy procurement and energy management. This will enable our customers to bring everything under one roof.

What’s ESOS’s Mission in the Procurement sector?

Our mission is to change the perception of brokers in the energy industry and build our legacy of trust and integrity from the very beginning. Our focus will be customer service and retention and we’ll achieve this by offering an end-to-end management service to our customers for their utility needs. The services delivered will be what our customers want and need and nothing more.

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For a free no-obligation consultation please do not hesitate to contact our experts on 0117 930 9689

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